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Green Templeton College

Stipendiary Lecturer at Lady Margaret Hall

Retainer Lecturer at Jesus College

Email: jesse.vandergrient@zoo.ox.ac.uk

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Research interests

My research focuses on soft-sediment macrofaunal communities in the deep sea (waters deeper than 200m). Soft sediments are common deep-sea habitats, but like the rest of the deep sea, they are understudied. I am interested in biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and body size patterns in these habitats.

The area I am focusing on is the northwest Atlantic, specifically around the Flemish Cap, the Flemish Pass and the continental slope of the Grand Banks. It is an area with a history of fishing, and therefore also of particular interest. I am working on one of the largest deep-sea dataset to date, consisting of biological samples and a large range of environmental data of over 300 box core samples. The organisms I focus on are the polychaetes (bristle worms), which are often the most abundant group of macrofaunal organisms, and therefore interesting for macroecological patterns.

By using complex models, varying from the more common multivariate models,  to structural equation models, I study a variety of macroecological patterns. My aims are to explain variation in biodiversity and community structure, to explore ecosystem functioning in deep sea, and to investigate the body size-depth patterns, all against the environmental background.

This work is in collaboration with CEFAS, Lowestoft and the data has come from the NEREIDA program.

Publications & Presentations

Publication: van der Grient, J.M.A., Rogers, A.D. 2015. Body Size Versus Depth: Regional and Taxonomical Variation in Deep-Sea Meio- and Macrofaunal Organisms. Advances in Marine Biology 71: 71-108.

Poster: van der Grient, J.M.A., Rogers. Regional and taxonomic variation in body size in deep-sea macrofauna. Deep-sea Biology Conference, Portugal.

Presentation: van der Grient, J.M.A. Regional and taxonomical variation in body size in deep-sea organisms. CEFAS Student Day, Lowestoft. 2015.

Research experience

HUDSON 16019 (2016), CCGS Hudson. An Canadian-led team in collaboration with THE NEKTON foundation exploring canyon and seamount systems, as well as physical oceanography aspects of the Gulf Stream. I was involved in the physical oceanography sampling, a little expedition for a biologist in its own!

JC094 TROPICS expedition (2013), RSS James Cook. Project: tracing past and current ocean processes using corals and sediments. Explored the equatorial Atlantic Ocean looking for fossil and living corals to reconstruct past climates. I was involved in the biological sampling and processing.

Undergraduate research project (Summer 2011). Cavitation feeding in Botiine loaches. University of Oxford, Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Thomas.

Undergraduate research project: An ecological comparison between two sifaka species in western Madagascar, University of Oxford and Group d’Etude et de Researche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP). Supervisor: Dr Paul Honess


Stipendiary Lectureship in Biodiversity and Conservation (2015-2016), Geography, Jesus College, University of Oxford

Stipendiary Lectureship (2016-2017), Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford

Retainer Lectureship (2016-2017) for Quantitative Methods for biologists, Jesus College, University of Oxford

Biology Tutor for the Foundation Year course, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford

Tutor in Quantitative Methods, Biology, Zoology Department

Tutor in Ecology, Biological Sciences, Zoology Department

Lecturer in Marine Ecology, Biological Sciences, Zoology Department


Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

Oct 2012 – present
DPhil student – Zoology, University of Oxford

Oct 2009 – June 2012
BA Biological Sciences, University of Oxford