Visiting Researcher,
Ocean Research and Conservation Group

Twitter: @ThinkDeepReef

I am now a Marine Science Fellow at World Wildlife Fund US, based in Washington, D.C.

I continue to collaborate with members of the Ocean Research and Conservation Group, especially on projects relating to mesophotic coral ecosystems in the Mesoamerican Region, Chagos Archipelago, and the Bird’s Head Seascape, Indonesia.


Research Interests

My D.Phil. focused on fish populations in mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs). MCEs occur in tropical regions extending from depths of 30 m to approx. 150 m, and are often connected to shallow coral reef ecosystems, where it is suggested they provide an important reservoir of recruits for coral and fish populations. Their importance to overall reef resilience in the face of human disturbances such as overfishing is largely unknown and there is a lack of evidence for whether fish populations on shallow coral reefs and adjacent MCEs are connected.

My D.Phil. addressed this important information gap by using advanced diving technologies coupled with a newly developed stereo-video system methodology to:

(i) understand fish community ecological processes on MCEs
(ii) evaluate effective survey techniques for MCE fish research
(iii) explore the role of MCEs in the western Atlantic lionfish invasion

My D.Phil. was funded by a Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) Ph.D. Studentship with fieldwork support from Operation Wallacea. The majority of my D.Phil fieldwork was carried out on the reefs of Utila, Honduras, on the southern Mesoamerican Reef. In addition, during my D.Phil. I took part in the 2016 and 2017 Bertarelli Foundation Chagos Archipelago reef survey expeditions.

SVS rebreather
Using a closed-circuit rebreather to survey mesophotic reef off Utila, Honduras with a stereo-video system. (Photo: Ally McDowell)


In Press

Andradi-Brown DA (in press) Invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans and P. miles): distribution, impact, and management. In: Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge T (eds) Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems of the World, Coral Reefs of the World, Springer, New York

Gress E, Voss JD , Eckert RJ, Rowlands G, Andradi-Brown DA (in press) The Mesoamerican Reef. In: Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge T (eds) Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems of the World, Coral Reefs of the World, Springer, New York

Andradi-Brown DA, Dinesen Z, Head CEI, Tickler DM, Rowlands G, Rogers AD (in press) The Chagos Archipelago. In: Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge T (eds) Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems of the World, Coral Reefs of the World, Springer, New York

Turner JA, Andradi-Brown DA, Gori A, Bongaerts P, Burdett HL, Ferrier-Pagès C, Voolstra CR, Weinstein DK, Bridge T, Costantini F, Gress E, Laverick J, Loya Y, Goodbody-Gringley G, Rossi S, Taylor ML, Viladrich N, Voss J, Williams J, Woodall LC, Eyal G (in press) Key questions for research and conservation of mesophotic coral ecosystems and temperate mesophotic ecosystems. In: Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge T (eds) Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems of the World, Coral Reefs of the World, Springer, New York

Pre-prints (manuscripts in prep./review)

Gress E, Arroyo-Gerez MJ, Wright G, Andradi-Brown DA (2017) Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems Inside and Outside a Caribbean Marine Protected Area. bioRxiv 241562 Available here


Ahmadia G, Darling E, Andradi-Brown D, Barnes M, Estradivari, Gill D, Glew L, Gress E, Gurney G, Horigue V, Jakub R, Mangubhai S, Valles H, Wenger A (2018) Recruit young scientists and local talent to safeguard coral reefs. Nature 557:492 Available here

Gress E, Andradi-Brown DA (2018) Assessing population changes of historically overexploited black corals (Order: Antipatharia) in Cozumel, Mexico. PeerJ 6:e5129 Available here

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Laverick JH, Piango S, Andradi-Brown DA, Exton DA, Bongaerts P, Bridge TCL, Lesser MP, Pyle RL, Slattery M, Wagner D, Rogers AD (2018). To what extent do mesophotic coral ecosystems and shallow reefs share species of conservation interest? – A systematic review. Environmental Evidence 7:15 Available here

Gress E*, Andradi-Brown DA*, Woodall L, Schofield PJ, Stanley K, Rogers AD (2017) Lionfish (Pterois spp.) invade the upper-bathyal zone in the western Atlantic. PeerJ 5:e3683 Available here
*Joint first authors

Laverick JH, Andradi-Brown DA, Rogers AD (2017) Using light-dependent scleractinia to define the upper boundary of mesophotic coral ecosystems on the reefs of Utila, Honduras. PLoS ONE 12(8): e0183075 Available here

Andradi-Brown DA, Gress E, Laverick JH, Monfared MAA, Rogers AD, Exton DA (2017) Wariness of reef fish to passive diver presence with varying dive gear type across a coral reef depth gradient. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom Available here

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Andradi-Brown DA, Head CEI, Exton DA, Hunt CL, Hendrix A, Gress E, Rogers AD (2017) Identifying zooplankton community changes between shallow and upper-mesophotic reefs on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, Caribbean. PeerJ 5:e2853 Available here

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Andradi-Brown DA, Macaya-Solis C, Exton DA, Gress E, Wright, G, Rogers AD (2016) Assessing Caribbean shallow and mesophotic reef fish communities using baited-remote underwater video (BRUV) and diver-operated video (DOV) survey techniques. PLoS ONE 11(12):e0168235 Available here

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Andradi-Brown DA, Howe C, Mace GM , Knight AT (2013) Do mangrove forest restoration or rehabilitation activities return biodiversity to pre-impact levels? Environmental Evidence 2:20 Available here

Meeting Reports

Andradi-Brown D, Yarlett R, Richards K (2016) 18th Annual Reef Conservation UK (RCUK) Meeting. Reef Encounter 31(1):67 / Number 43 / April 2016 Available here

Andradi-Brown D (2015) 17th Annual Reef Conservation UK (RCUK) Meeting. Reef Encounter 30(1):55-56 / Number 41 / March 2015 Available here

Andradi-Brown D (2014) Moving onto a PhD & Mastering Ecology: A BES Student Ecology Symposium. BES Bulletin 45(1):38-39 / March 2014 Available here



  • British Ecological Society – Travel Grant (£500)
  • Conservation Leadership Programme – Team Award – co-applicant, application led by Erika Gress (£8,500) 


  • Royal Geographical Society with IBG – Ralph Brown Expedition Award – joint lead applicant with Prof. Alex Rogers (£12,500)
  • Zoological Society of London – Erasmus Darwin Barlow Expeditions – lead applicant (£2,250)
  • University of Oxford – Expeditions Council – lead applicant (£4,500)
  • American Fisheries Society International Fisheries Section – FSBI Exchange Student (travel & accommodation to present talk and network at AFS Portland, Oregon Meeting)


  • University of Oxford – John Fell Fund – co-applicant, application led by Prof. Alex Rogers (£29,890)


  • Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) – PhD studentship (PhD tuition fees, stipend, research consumables contribution for 3.5 years)

Work Experience

Marine Science Fellow
World Wildlife Fund – US
Supporting monitoring and evaluation of marine protected areas in the Sunda Banda Seascape and Bird’s Head Seascape in Indonesia, working in partnership with WWF-Indonesia. Providing science support to the Global Mangrove Alliance.

Science Coordinator, Utila, and Project Leader: Mesophotic Ecology
Operation Wallacea Honduras

Supervised >15 undergraduate dissertation projects, responsible for providing support and mentoring for science staff, and conducted the first detailed mesophotic surveys of Utila, Honduras.

Project Leader: Coral Reef Monitoring
Operation Wallacea Indonesia

Coordinated a team of research volunteers to conduct reef biodiversity assessments during summer research seasons, including deploying fish stereo-video biomass assessments for the first time in the Coral Triangle.


Oct 2013 – April 2017
D.Phil. Student – Department of Zoology / New College

Project: Fish Ecology of Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems
University of Oxford
My D.Phil. thesis is available here.

Associate Fellow
The Higher Education Academy

Oct 2012 – Sep 2013
M.Res. Biodiversity Informatics and Genomics – Distinction

Imperial College London
Conducted a global systematic review and meta-analysis investigating whether mangrove forest restoration or rehabilitation activities return biodiversity and ecosystem services to pre-impact levels.
Awarded the Illumina prize in Biodiversity Informatics and Genomics for the best M.Res. project.

Oct 2008 – Jun 2012
B.Sc. (Hons.) Ecology and Environmental BiologyFirst Class

Imperial College London
Final year dissertation project completed jointly with ZSL assessing the sustainability of the aquarium trade for live corals focusing on ZSL EDGE coral species using age structured population models and spatial analysis in ArcGIS.
Awarded the Convenor’s Prize in Tropical Field Biology for achieving the highest mark in tropical field work.

Society Involvement

Reef Conservation UK – Committee Member

British Ecological Society – Meetings Committee Member

Past involvement

European Coral Reef Symposium – Conference Organising Committee
13-15 December, Oxford, UK

British Ecological Society – Annual Meeting Thematic Topic Session Organiser
What will sustainable fisheries look like in 2025?

British Ecological Society – Aquatic Ecology Special Interest Group Early Careers Rep.
I was the early career representative BES Aquatic SIG, which aims to bring together marine and freshwater ecologists to exchange skills, knowledge and ideas. I tweeted in this capacity at: @BES_AquaEco

British Ecological Society – Undergraduate Fellowship Scheme