NERC Environmental Research DTP student

St Anne’s college


NERC DTP student profile



  • Open circuit SCUBA diving (PADI Divemaster)
  • Stereo-video footage analysis using EventMeasure software
  • Caribbean coral reef fish ID
  • Lionfish dissection
  • Lionfish abundance surveys
  • Statistical analysis in R



2016 – present
NERC Environmental Research DTP student
University of Oxford

BA (Hons) Biological Sciences: First Class (74% average)
University of Oxford
Final year project: “Diet preference changes with depth in the invasive lionfish Pterois volitans in Utila, Honduras”



Andradi-Brown DA, Grey R, Hendrix A, Hitchner D, Hunt CL, Gress E, Madej K, Parry RL, Regnier-McKellar C, Jones OP, Arteaga M, Izaguirre AP, Rogers AD, Exton DA (2017) Depth-dependent effects of culling- do mesophotic lionfish populations undermine current management? Royal Society Open Science 4(5):170027 Available here

Andradi-Brown DA, Head CEI, Exton DA, Hunt CL, Hendrix A, Gress E, Rogers AD (2017) Identifying zooplankton community changes between shallow and upper-mesophotic reefs on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, Caribbean. Peer J 5:e2853 Available here