In a tradition established in our lab by Dr Philipp Boersch-Supan, not only do you finish your PhD with a qualification, but also with a hat! These hats accurately depict, through the power of pipecleaners and foam, the subject of the defended thesis…

Dr Oliver Ashford

Currently a post-doc at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, here is Oli with his deep-sea crustacean D.Phil hat, complete with fencing and music-playing crustaceans!


Dr Catherine Head

Now a post-doc our lab, here is Catherine’s coral reef cryptofauna D.Phil hat!



Dr Chong Chen

Now a post-doc with JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), here he is with his hydrothermal vent mollusc D.Phil hat!



Dr Anni Djurhuus

Now a post-doc at the University of South Florida in the Marine Genomics Laboratory, check out her deep-sea microbe D.Phil hat (complete with CTD and sheep)!



Dr Nicolai Roterman

Still a member of our lab, here is his hydrothermal vent D.Phil hat (with actual smoke, surfer and the ROV Isis)!



Dr Philipp Boersch-Supan

Now a post-doc at the University of South Florida where he studies the bioenergetics and foraging strategies of Antarctic albatrosses. Here is his mesopelagic PhD hat. No mesopelagic hat is complete without furry jellyfish…


Dr Michelle Taylor

Still a member of our lab, Dr Boersch-Supan initiated the tradition with her hat. Here it is, along with a longline fishing boat and deep-sea coral.